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  • Release time:2023-3-29 10:27:57

  • Price:13.99

  • ※ TIME MANAGEMENT & PRODUCTIVITY TRACKING – 12 month organizer with monthly and weekly views, additional added wish list, check list, mind map & yearly goals pages. Ideal for managing important dates, events and life goals efficiently so that you achieve them all.
    ※ FREE MONTHLY & YEARLY CALENDAR STICKERS – Making dates more convenient for you to preview , the calendar allows you to make plans clearly and consult them quicker. Full yearly reference calendar, you can use your calendar stickers in the notes column of the monthly page for easy browsing and use notes column for your spontaneous and important items.
    ※ REDUCE YOUR STRESS AND INCREASE EFFICIENCY - Undated version, you can be more flexible according to your needs to write dates and records. This help you in utilising the planner to your own personal needs and avoids masses of blank and wasted space. Color illustrations with motivational words, stimulate your enthusiasm.
    ※ PREMIUM QUALITY & LUXURIOUS - Thicker paper resistant to aggressive wet inks so let your inner artist out! (Increased resistance to bleeding, rough erasing, and shading). Reduce the print on the reverse side. No bleach, can effectively protect your eyesight.
    ※ FUNCTIONAL & STYLISH NOTEBOOK - The tight band around the planner keeps it securely closed + The elastic PEN LOOP is always available for your pen and kept well + You can make a better mark with 2 bookmarks + Exquisite gift box + Inner pocket, it’s convenient for you to pack business cards and stickers - 8.4 x 5.7 in.


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  • The Perfect Planner On The Go!

    Its compact size and lightweight design allows you to carry it everywhere. Not to mention, its inviting serene blue makes you want to make a perfect start every morning!
    ❉About The Planner
    » Size: 8.4 x 5.7 inches
    » Pen Holder
    » Elastic Closure
    » 2 Page Ribbons
    » Inner Pocket
    » Free with Calendar Stickers
    » Weekly/Monthly Planning Pages
    » Color illustrations with motivational words
    » Monthly Notes & Reflections pages
    » Track your plan/Wish list pages
    » Mind Map & Yearly Goal

    Undated Version Planner is Coming!

    What can you do with this Weekly & Monthly planner?
    Agenda, gratitude journal, calendar, Weekly & Monthly layout, class schedule, meeting, goal planning, personal organizer, gratitude planner, track your workouts, meal plan, budget track, jots down ideas, write down wish lists, All-IN-1. And so much more is waiting for you to create it.
    » LAY-FLAT 180°FLEXIBLE PLANNER – Lets you read more easily and makes note-taking effortless. Enjoy your writing by hand with no distractions.
    » Tracking your goals every day, reduces your stress and increases efficiency.

    Awesome Color Pages!

    » Monthly color inspirational quote to gear you up for the next month!
    » Record your wish list about wishes, travels, books and movies.
    » There are two page ribbons in this planner. You can put one in monthly plan pages and the other in the weekly plan pages or any other functions waiting for you to create.

    The pursuit of quality, both inside and outside as one, not only has a hardcover, but also has excellent details inside!

    » The paper is made from wood pulp of environmentally sustsinable trees and we use recyclable, acid-free and no fluorescent paper. Anti-nearsighted paper is good for eyes. Great gift for vegans.
    » Premium paper reduces ink bleeds through, 20% - 50% thicker and smoother than normal, make your handwriting more graceful.

    » Full yearly reference calendar, you can use the monthly calendar stickers for easy browsing.
    » You can post the calendar on the calendar page or write down your overview of last year In order to have a better start next year.
    » On the back of the fourth week, there is a page of notes & monthly reflections, you can make some notes on it.

    » This Lemome Planner is designed to last 10 Months at least.
    » Comfortable design, with rounded arc corners which will not cut the hand.
    Do yourself a favor and buy this planner for your creative life and 100% REFUND IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY FOR ANY REASON.

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